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Tony Soprano

We’re proud to introduce our latest addition to the Create Forty Eight team, Mr Tony Soprano. He’s a border terrier, and he likes walks, Saul Bass, and anything by Steely Dan. He likes visitors, so come by and say hello sometime.


Glad Tags, for Glad Rags

  We’re working on an exciting installation and branding project for Glad Rags Thrift, a brilliant new social enterprise shop in Glasgow’s South Side. As a part of the Glad family, the shop is all about community, and we thought it’d be great if we 

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Say the words…

A lil side project of ours. ‘Say The Words – 3D’ is the first of our Anaglyphic (read Old School red and blue) 3D prints. Featuring Walter White / Heisenberg and Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad, it pays tribute to the pivotal moment where Jesse