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  • Robin Adams performs
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  • Rossco Thomson on 'making mistakes'
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  • Robin Adams closes out the night

Glad Rag Issue 3 Launch

Friday night saw the official launch of The Glad Rag Issue 3 at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow.
A great excuse to get together for some beers, live music and banter!

Readings from contributors Kirsty Logan and Kate Tough were enjoyed, along with discussion from visual contributors Naromode and Rossco Thomson, and musical performances from John McIntosh and Robin Adams.

The Glad audience were captivated by Rossco Thomson’s inspired view on ‘making mistakes’ in the darkroom to create his visceral photography, deliberately overcooking prints to generate unique results. Naromode designer Iain MacDonald teased the crowd with images from their SS14 campaign, and explained the concept behind their work.


The Glad Rag is Glasgow’s Art ‘Zine, featuring literary and visual contributions from both established and emerging creative talent, and has featured artists and writers both locally and globally.
It is produced here at Create Forty Eight on behalf of The Glad Cafe, and has been very well received since it’s inception, distributed across the central belt in many locations including the creative hubs the CCA and The Lighthouse.

It’s free, and available to pick up at The Glad Cafe now!

For next month’s issue, we’re focusing on ‘Independence’ and welcoming contributions that offer insight, ramblings or opinions from any point of view!

(Scots: “quarreling,” or “contention”), poetic competition of the Scottish makaris (poets) of the 15th and 16th centuries, in which two highly skilled rivals engaged in a contest of verbal abuse, remarkable for its fierceness and extravagance. Although contestants attacked each other spiritedly, they actually had a professional respect for their rival’s vocabulary of invective. The tradition seems to have derived from the Gaelic filid (class of professional poets), who composed savage tirades against persons who slighted them.
To acknowledge 2014’s Referendum on Scottish Independence, The Glad Rag intends to publish a “Flyting of the Referendum” edition. We are calling for submissions which will reflect the varied and differing stances held as we contemplate Scotland’s future either within or beyond the Union. We are not just looking for political ranting (- although if it’s entertaining, it’s going IN!); we are after all mainly a literary ‘zine. Prose, poetry, dramascript, theory, articles, etc – all welcome. As always the only criteria will be quality, creativity and imagination.
Max lengths: Poetry c 50 lines, Prose: c 1,000 words
Deadline for copy: 14 February 2013.
– The Editors

Submissions should be sent to

Images courtesy of Mr Webster Film