Create Forty Eight Design Studio
Create Forty Eight Design Studio

Glad Cafe, sponsored

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we are now an official sponsor of The Glad Cafe!

The agreement will mean Create Forty Eight will take on full production responsibility for ‘The Glad Rag’ ( as well as assist the Cafe in other selected ventures moving forward.

“We’re excited to have Create Forty Eight on board, and their input so far has been very valuable so we’re pleased to be able to have them involved in an official capacity!”, said Rachel Smillie, director at The Glad Cafe.

The sponsorship, supported by Arts & Business Scotland, means the Cafe will also see a £12,000 cash injection to help pay for an assistant venue manager.

The New Arts Sponsorship Grants scheme incentivises businesses to sponsor the arts in Scotland. It is funded by the Scottish Government and administered by Arts & Business Scotland. An arts organisation receiving an eligible business sponsorship can apply for £1 of funding for every £1 of sponsorship. The funding goes towards additional arts activity, for which the sponsor receives additional business benefits.

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