Create Forty Eight Design Studio
Create Forty Eight Design Studio

A wee ‘what’s on’… a mixed bag!

Sitting here looking down the to do list, and thought it might be quite nice to share a little update about what’s going on in the studio. Just to give an idea of the variety of work that happens here, and the great blend of people and businesses we’re lucky enough to work with.

What’s on this week?

  • Working on infographics with a UK-wide company preparing to launch a new consumer product
  • Front-of-house materials for the excellent IndigO2 at the O2 Arena
  • Branding for new fashion label ‘Dead Sleekit’
  • Wedding stationery for a private client
  • Brand strategy for ex-NFL quarterback Craig Nall’s ‘QB1 Sports’
  • 4th of July event branding for Sears Centre Arena in Chicago
  • Prepping an art production schedule for ‘The Glad Rag Issue 3’
  • and print ads for the theatre production ‘The Sash’

…to name but a few projects!

We’re very lucky to have some excellent clients, and thankful for their business! Having clients in such a broad cross-range of sectors really keeps things interesting, as we can really approach each project with fresh eyes.

So thanks to you all!