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Brand New to Brand You…

…a workshop with Vanilla Ink

Vanilla Ink

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Vanilla Ink in Dundee, to deliver a brand awareness presentation and workshop at the end of November.

In their own words, “Vanilla Ink is a unique collaborative jewellery studio with incubator space for start-up jewellers that bridge the gap from education into industry. Providing 8 jewellers with a fully equipped workshop, tailored business advice and one to one mentoring for one year. We support and promote jewellers for one year allowing them to make their mark. We are making more than jewellery, we are making jewellery work.”

It’s safe to say there are is an eclectic mix of talents at the studio just now, with talent from Middlesex, Birmingham, Glasgow North College and many locally from DJCAD. Each of the ‘Inkers’ posses unique skills and want to drive their existing business forward.

Kate Pickering at Vanilla Ink approached us to come in and help put the Inkers in touch with the ins and outs of developing their brands, and in turn help them add value to their businesses.

“We have approached Create Forty Eight to generate our branding workshop as we have been watching and admiring from afar.” said Kate.

She continued, “Create Forty Eight were on the same page and really grasped what we wanted from the workshop. The rest is history. We are really looking forward to seeing what they come up with for our Vanilla Inkers.”

As the business approaches it’s first anniversary, we’re delighted to be getting involved with such an excellent organisation as Vanilla Ink. They have clear agendas for the workshop days they run, and the fast-paced plan for the day should prove energising for the participants.

Kate hopes that, “at the end of the day the Vanilla Inkers will have a better understanding of what branding is and that it’s not just your logo or your website. They will have a clear direction on where they want to take their business and how they want their work to be portrayed.”

They aren’t slow to realise these young businesses are out to do something they enjoy, adding, “Most importantly, we want them to have fun with Create Forty Eight’s crash course in branding. “

We’re hoping to have a few folk on hand on the day to help the Inkers remotely via Twitter using the hashtag #brandntby,  and can’t wait to see what they get out of the workshop.